Terms and Conditions


This agreement is between the prospective (”You”) and Pentayitis Rentals (”the Owner”) to hire the agreed vehicle including any replacement vehicle.


A. Vehicle Condition
a) You acknowledge receiving the Vehicle from the Company in a good and clean condition (except otherwise specified in the Vehicle Condition Report). b) You agree to maintain tyre pressure, fluid and fuel at the appropriate levels and to immediately report any defect to us.
B. Vehicle Return
You must return the Vehicle to the Company:
a) In the same condition as it was at the commencement of the Hire Period.
b) To the location and by the date and time specified.
c) Refunds are not given for early return.


A. You shall notify the Company and obtain its authorization for extension of hiring period beyond the due in date and time specified in Page 1 of the contract. Such notification must be done PRIOR TO the due in date and time.
B. Should you fail to obtain the Company’s authorization for extension prior to the due date and time, your hire becomes overdue and you agree for the extra amount to be charged to the credit card provided.
C. Extensions can be arranged at 10.00 per hour or part thereof. More than four hours one day hire will apply.


A. Persons strictly prohibited from driving the vehicle:
a) Person other than those identified on the contract.
b) Person who is not licenced for the class of the vehicle.
c) Person whose blood alcohol exceeds the lawful limit.
d) Person under the age of 25 whom hasn’t held their full license for longer than three years.
B. The vehicle must NOT be used:
a) Inside the occupied section of Cyprus, without written prior permission.
b) Driving any type of vehicles including 4WD off a designated road, on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers, or flood waters is strictly prohibited;
c) To propel or tow any other vehicle, trailer, boat or any other object.
e) To carry more people and/or greater loads of goods than permitted by law.
f) To carry animals or pets without a carrier.
g) In a careless and/or reckless and/or dangerous manner.


A. Joint hirers and ALL drivers are jointly and severally responsible under this agreement.
B. By entering into this agreement you authorize the Company to debit your credit card (and you shall pay on demand any balance owing) with the following charges:
a) All hire charges listed a time of collection, plus any subsequent hire extension/s and other charges incurred on your Hire Agreement.
b) Vehicle Damage Liability Fee.
c) All charges incurred due to parking, or any other infringements until the vehicle is returned to the Company.
d) Minimum Cleaning Fee of 50.00 if you smoke and/or let any other person smoke in the vehicle during your rental.
e) Minimum Cleaning Fee of 50.00 if the vehicle is returned excessively
dirty or wet interior.
f) All loss of or damage to the vehicle (including loss of use), third party damages, legal expenses, debt collection fees, assessment fees, towing and recovery, storage and company service charges where any condition of this agreement has been breached.


The Company will grant a damage cover for your benefit in respect of damages to the vehicle and an amount which you are legally held liable to pay as a result of your use of the Vehicle. The damage cover is limited to a maximum amount of 50,000.00 (including legal and other related costs incurred with the Company’s consent). This damage cover is subject to conditions and exclusions below.

A. Conditions of Damage Cover:
The hirer has a Vehicle damage liability fee of 4000. The hirer is liable to pay for any damage to the Vehicle during the hire period up to the maximum of 4000.

This damage cover is subject to:
a) Your payment of the Vehicle Damage Liability Fee (for each separate incident) regardless of cause/fault.
b) You have not acted or caused any other person to act in any manner, which constitutes a breach of this agreement.

c) Your prompt report to the Company and to the police of any incident involving loss or damage to the Vehicle or any other property or injury to any person.
d) You submitting any tests required by the police to determine the level of alcohol or drugs in your blood.
e) You not admitting liability or making any offer or promise of settlement without the Company’s consent.
B. Exclusions to Damage Cover:
The following damages are not covered:
a) Damage or Loss to the Vehicle and third party property caused by You driving the Vehicle, after the Vehicle has sustained radiator fluid loss, transmission or engine oil loss or loss of tyre pressure.
b) Damage or Loss to the Vehicle caused by use of incorrect type of fuel.
c) Damage or Loss where the Vehicle is totally or partially immersed in water regardless of causes.
d) Damage or loss to the Vehicle and any third party property caused by you or any other driver driving the Vehicle in a careless or reckless or dangerous manner.
e) Damage or loss to the Vehicle and third party property caused or contributed by you where you leave the incident scene prior to police attendance and/or failing to formally report the incident to the police.
f) Damage to the Vehicle and third party property caused by you failing to properly secure any load or equipment to the Vehicle.
m) Damage or loss to the Vehicle while being transported or towed without the Company’s authority.
g) The cost of towing or salvage of the Vehicle from areas specified on Page1.


A. The Company reserves the right to refuse a replacement vehicle and/or hire of another vehicle to you following any accident or incident.


A. You must use the correct type of fuel for the Vehicle at all times.
B. The Vehicle must be returned with amount of fuel equal to that at the time of commencement of the rental, unless a pre paid fuel option has been selected.
C. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference shall be charged at the current bowser rate, plus a service charge.


A. You should not admit liability or make any offer or promise of settlement without the Company’s consent.
B. Where there is damage to the Vehicle or a person injured, the police are to be informed immediately.
C. Promptly report the accident and all details to the Company’s office 00357-25326226.

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